June 16th
12:49 PM

szasstam asked:

top 5 anime Dads?

I was actually consciously hoping you’d ask today~


Hiroshi Nohara - Crayon Shin-chan


Tatsuo Kusakabe - My Neighbor Totoro


Daikichi Kawachi - Usagi Drop


Chiyo-chan’s father - Azumanga Daioh


Jam Ojisan - Anpanman



Black Jack

May 28th
11:07 PM

burtnur asked:

hi there. what is your favorite of masaaki yuasa's works? i've seen mind game and i really loved it. been meaning to watch tatami galaxy, too.

He hasn’t done anything that I dislike, but I guess “Tatami Galaxy” is probably my all-around favorite. I’m likely to answer differently depending on my mood, though.

5:50 PM

ayanam1-deactivated20140808 asked:

do you have any doraemon gifs :o
May 27th
9:22 PM

ericsenju asked:

What are some of your favourites so far into the season?

"Chihayafuru," "Aku no Hana,” and “Hataraku Maou-sama” are far and away my favorites. I’m not watching much this season, as a lot has either not interested me whatsoever or greatly disappointed me after a promising start (namely, “Suisei no Gargantia”).

8:27 PM

officialcarcinogeneticist asked:

What did you think of Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop?

I like both franchises very much, for the most part.

First GitS movie - 9.5/10
Second GitS movie - 6/10 
S.A.C. (both seasons) - 8/10

The new series looks great to me; there’s nothing else on the horizon that I’m more looking forward to at the moment.

Cowboy Bebop series - 8.5/10 
Cowboy Bebop movie - 9/10 

8:07 PM

officialcarcinogeneticist asked:

Do you have any gifs or anything from Elfen Lied?
May 16th
12:23 AM

hatsusenoalpha asked:

Have you heard about Anime Sols?

Huh. Nope, but that actually sounds really cool. Thanks for the heads-up.

link and link for anyone curious.

May 12th
12:17 PM

szasstam asked:


good q


Risa - Ponyo (limiting myself to one Ghibli mom choice)


Misae Nohara - Crayon Shin-chan


Haruko Uesugi - Touch


Yoko Tsukahara - Kimi to Boku


Otherwise unnamed “mother” - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 

May 8th
12:34 PM

Anonymous asked:

is infernal affairs better or the departed?

I vote “Infernal Affairs,” because there are a few things in “The Departed” that I absolutely cannot stand (terrible accents, Jack Nicholson’s all-too-proud scenery chewing caricature of himself, a couple of groan-worthy visual metaphors, e t c)

12:27 PM

Anonymous asked:

On the topic of foreign cinema, would you mind sharing some of your favorite live action Japanese films?

Ozu domestic dramas are, in my eyes, collectively among the very best films ever made. My favorites are probably “I Was Born, but…,” the remake of “Floating Weeds,” “Late Spring,” and “Tokyo Twilight.”

Even more typical of me would be to list Kurosawa, but w/e, how can you not? My favorite throughout his career are “Drunken Angel,” “Stray Dog,” “Ikiru,” and “High and Low.”

Other favorites that come to mind are…. Kobayashi’s “Fountainhead,” “Branded to Kill,” “Tokyo Drifter,” “Kiru,” “Onibaba,” Kazuo Hara documentaries, the Maiku Hama trilogy, “The Crazy Family,” “Tokyo Fist”  (the best Shinya Tsukamoto film by a landslide imo), ”Hana-bi,” “All About Lily Chou-chou,” “Strawberry Shortcakes,” and “Hanging Garden”

12:04 AM

Anonymous asked:

do you know of any good chinese language films? i always hear critics raving on about how under appreciated chinese cinema can be and i've become really interested

My favorites include… “Girl From Hunan,” “Raise the Red Lantern,” “Ju Dou” (gonna want to brush up on your Buddhist imagery to not miss a lot of visual meaning), “Chungking Express” + “Fallen Angels,” “In the Mood for Love”

then “Mr. Vampire” and “Riki-Oh” on the less-serious side of things

May 5th
2:35 PM

Anonymous asked:

hey man, i think you're great and i really enjoy your opinions on anime and otherwise. you're not all gross and elitist which is refreshing, and i respect that. anyway, yes, just keep trucking along ok? you're cool.


As I read this, I was cautiously awaiting the anonhate, “but, I think that (insert thing about me) is so fucking awful/annoying/etc” kicker, and it never came ฅ•ﻌ•ฅ♥

May 4th
9:09 PM

Anonymous asked:

do you actually like k-on and oreimo. this isn't a condescending thing or anything im just curious.

I genuinely like K-On. The comedic timing is perfect, the music is endearing, and the characters (especially side characters) mostly all appeal to me. It also features what is likely the most complete, developed, and quietly compelling fictionalized school environment I’ve ever seen. It has its moments of admitted banality, generally focused around Yui being “cute-dumb,” but I think there’s a clear reason why it’s the headliner of that entire genre.

Oreimo is purely a guilty pleasure. I can’t make any claims towards a tangible redeeming value in its case. It’s anime junkfood. It’s “good trash.”

8:57 PM

Anonymous asked:

are you an anime hipster

I’ve just watched enough to know what I like and to focus in around there. I really love a lot of mostly forgotten older series; I really love a lot of more prominent and popular recent stuff. Besides, I get too many pissy messages from people whenever I post from something like K-On or Oreimo to be labeled one myself…

8:42 PM

chrimbustree asked:

How do you feel about mecha?

I don’t have any prejudice against the genre, but I’m not terribly well-versed in it. There are a lot of classic mecha series that I really, really want to like (maybe primarily due to their aesthetics?)… but when it comes to actually watching them, I’m afraid they tend to feel kind of tedious to me. I can definitely dig a good HOT BLOODED spirit, but the scenarios and characters can be so copy/paste and juvenile to a numbing degree. In theory, though… giant robots are cool as heck and, sure, I can dig it.