Where do you watch your anime / where do you download anime?

Everything I post from on this blog has been watched on my computer. 95% of it is torrented from BakaBT or NyaaTorrents. What can’t be found there I search out via direct download sites or other torrent indexes on a case-by-case basis. To obtain any range of information on series, I recommend AniDB foremost, with individual MyAnimeList entries being a serviceable alternative. 

What program do you use to watch anime?

Windows Media Player Classic + Combined Community Codec Pack. It provides the most consistently smooth presentation, with very few tweaks necessary to improve individual viewings. It is the decided standard for anime playback on Windows systems.

What program do you use to create .gifs / how do you create .gifs?

I use PhotoScape, a free photo editing software with a decent .gif component. There is a learning curve to it, but it is fairly self-explanatory. It works on a picture-by-picture basis, meaning I take screen caps of individual frames and then line them up, timing them accordingly. Photoshop / Gimp are other workable alternatives, with each presenting their own benefits and drawbacks. 

What are your favorite anime?

General list here, with “Touch,” “Rose of Versailles,” and “Ashita no Joe” being my absolute favorites.

What is the worst anime you have ever seen / what is your least favorite anime?

In terms of technical deficiencies, “Musashi Gundoh” is likely the worst anime I’ve seen any of. Second to that in unwatchability would probably be “Garzey’s Wing,” which I have tried to torture myself by watching three different times now to limited success.

Other particularly bad titles are… “Angel Sanctuary,” “Cipher the Video" (as much as I actually love it), "Ninja Gaiden OVA,” ”Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon,” and “I Love My Little Sister.”

My absolute least favorite anime is “Elfen Lied,” of which I offered a full explanation here.

What is “______” about?

Please look it up on AniDB, MyAnimeList, or even just Google. I am almost always happy to discuss and/or offer my opinion on something if I have seen it, but I would rather not provide endless summaries available elsewhere.

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